Department of Political Science

  1. Year of Establishment General Subjects: 1999
  2. Year of Establishment Special Subjects:Programmes/Courses:
Programes/Cources :
Faculty Profile
Photo Name Qualification Designation Specialization Experiance
Dr.Suresh Ramji Dudhkawade MA, NET, SET, M.Phil. , Ph.D. Associate Professor Indian Constitution 18 Years

Qualifications of teaching faculty
Sr.no Name of the Faculty M.Phil Ph.D
1 Dr.Suresh Ramji Dudhkawade 24/04/2012 05/01/2018

Departmental Projects
Sr.no Level Funding Agency Coridinator Grant Sanctioned
1 State UGC Dr.Suresh Ramji Dudhkawade 199000

Number of papers published in peer reviewed/UGC Care Listed journals 10
Chapter in Books Published 01
Books Published 04
Research Paper Presented in Seminar/Conference 05
Activities of the Department (Year wise), Make the separate chart of the Departmental Activities.

Sr.no Year Name of the Department Activities.
1 26 November Constitution Day
2 25 January Voters Day
3 8 December 2021 National Conference on Swatantracha Amrut Mohatsav
4 8 December 2021 One Day Lecturer Programme
5 03 -04-2023 Political Science Poster Exhibition