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Admissions Procedure

  1. Application for admission to the college should be made on a prescribed admission form by all the students including those who were in the college during the previous year. This is done immediately after the declaration of the result of the pertinent examination of the previous year.
  2. The prescribed form and prospectus can be had from the college office personally.
  3. The admission form, duly completed in all respects and accompanied by requisite documents should be submitted to the college on or before the last date notified by the college. The list of requisite documents to be attached to the admission form is given in the next section. The admission forms which are incomplete or incorrectly filled or submitted late will be summarily rejected.
  4. The admission from signed by the appropriate authorities will then be submitted in the college office.
  5. College Admission Committee is duely formed & all the admission are given by this committee.


Students get following scholarships -

  1. Government scholarships

    E.B.C. scholarship, S.T., S.C., Open merit, National merit scholarship, National Loan scholarship, Physically handicapped students scholarship, P.T.W/ S.T.W. Scholarship, National Talent Search scholarship, Economically backward students of minority.

  2. Government Freeships

    E.B.C. freeship, S.C./B.C. student freeship, S.T. student freeship, P.T.W freeship, S.T.W. Freeship,

  3. Son/daughter of Armed Force Personnel and Freedom Fighters, Hindi language scholarship for non-hindi belt students, Kranti Jyoti Savitribai Phule scholarship for girls, Merit scholarship for E.B.C. students.
  4. Students, who are in financial difficulty may avail of the financial help from the college by working under the college Earn and Learn Scheme.